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5 Cool ways to stop Toddler Tantrums

Temper Trantrums are very common with Toddlers. One minute they are happy and playing and the next minute you will see that they have not liked something that has happened and are howling and out of control. “Meltdowns are terrible, nasty things, but they’re a fact of childhood,” says Ray Levy, PhD, a Dallas-based clinical psychologist. Temper Tantrums start as early as when the child is a year old. Tantrums are the worst in the second year as by then the child can understand a lot more than he did earlier and knows exactly how to get his way. The reasons for these Tantrums are many. It could be hunger, boredom , wanting independence to do their chores which otherwise the caregiver does for the toddler. Maybe he is not able to communicate his needs to the parent or the care giver is not able to understand the child’s wants. There are many ways in which your toddlers tantrums can be stopped.


See to it that the Toddler is given his / her meals on time. There should not be any delay in their schedule. Chalk out a proper schedule for the day for your toddler. His meal time, bed time, play time are very important. The child easily gets upset when the schedule is not followed. They feel very secure and comforted when he is fed in time and put to bed in time too. If you are taking your toddler to the market with you see that he has a full tummy. Carry water along with you just in case he is thirsty.


There are times when your Toddler will throw temper Tantrums for no reason at all. He also knows very well that the parent will give in to his demands if he is howling away and does not listen to the parent. At this time the best thing that the Parent can do is to ignore the childs tantrums and behave as if nothing has happened as long as he is not harming anybody or himself. Soon the Toddler comes back to normal realizing that the parent is not going to listen to his tantrum and even if he continues howling , it is not making a difference to the Parent. You as a Parent can continue doing what you were doing earlier.

Give a Tight Hug:

When your Toddler is in one of his cranky moods where he has thrown a very frustrating Tantrum, Just hold him close to you. Your touch will cool him down a little for sure and he will feel secure in your hug. Assure him in a very soft voice that everything is alright and you are there for him as and when he wants you.

Listen to your Toddler:

As the child grows up he wants to become independent. Allow him to eat on his own even if you know that he is going to make a mess of the food given to him. He may smear his mouth with food or even mess up the floor. Be Patient. Listen to the child. If he says he wants to eat on his own, then allow him to. He will not only feel that he doing his work independently but also he will be more confident about doing his own work. Toddlers love undressing themselves and then they try wearing their basic clothes on their own. Be there with them when they do it. You can help them if they allow.

Divert Attention:

The moment a child throws Temper Tantrums, The Parent should be sure that he does not show his frustration . Try diverting your toddlers attention by giving him some other activity which he loves doing. The child will stop crying and screaming without realizing the change in activity as he is doing what he loves doing. Behavioral Consultant Kirk Martinsaid that “Motion Changes Emotion. We get kids doing another activity and we put out the emotional fire by remaining calm ourselves,”

So these were some of the best and cool ways to keep your Toddler away from having Temper Tantrums. Keep their Physical, Emotional and Nutritional needs in order and there you will have the best Happy Children.

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Celebrate your kids passion !

We live in an economy where we are forced make decisions that challenges our emotions and intelligence, whether to allow our kids to follow their passion or direct them in the path where the basic survival is assured. When we look back at history people who are being celebrated are the ones who did what they really loved.

Thomas Edison was one such personality who pursued his passion from child hood. His father was an exiled political activist from Canada and his mother was an accomplished school teacher. She was a major influence in Thomas’ early life. His hearing disability due to scarlet fever at an early age made his mother pull him out of school and give him home education. At the age of 11 he suddenly showed great affinity towards reading books and had a voracious hunger for knowledge. His mothers idea of home education gave him that opportunity for a wide –open curriculum where he could learn and study just what he was interested in. He developed a process of learning independently which helped him throughout his life. His passion was experimenting which he continued and was always encouraged by his mother. He became the genius of our time just because he was allowed to pursue his passion.

How to help your kids to find their Passion ?

A child’s passion if tapped early in life can be very helpful to him as he may not be aware of what he is really interested in. You as a Parent should be very vigilant about your child’s various interests and hit on the right one which will help him in his future. You should help your child by introducing him to various activities which you think may be of interest to him . When he sees that you are taking pains to get him on track then even he will put in equal efforts .
You can help the child to find out his passion and then help him pursue it in many ways.

Help him with his Curiosity: Children basically are very curious and inquisitive right from their toddlerhood. Once they develop this habit of intense curiosity, expose him to a lot of different thing that you think may interest him. He will himself be able to discover his passion. It need not be an expensive matter. I could just be something you observe on the street and show it to him. Maybe that will be a good and interesting beginning for him.

Finding Passions: Do not react if your childs interest in something fades away within a few weeks of indulgence. Thing like this happen. You as a Parent should have tremendous faith in him and his abilities . Give him time to discover and practice his interest. If he feels later that he can pursue this passion further he will definitely do it. The making or shaping of your child depends solely on your patience with him until he finds something he is really very passionate about.

Listen to your child: You have to guide and support your child even if he keeps changing his interests from time to time. The passion he pursues should be of his interest and not something which you as a child always wanted to pursue and could not. Let him dream. Give him all the freedom to do as he wants. Do not force a child to do otherwise. The result will be that he will be pursuing something that you like which he was never interested in. But to keep your word he may do it. He will not be happy. Let your child do something that he will feel contented with. There are times when even as teenagers children are not sure of what they want to do in life. But there is no use fretting over this. There will be a time when they actually listen to their inner voice and would like to do just that whether it is a hobby converted to a career or just doing it for the feel of passion.

Go the distance: Be co-operative with your child. Even if there is something which you do not like or that would be the last place on earth you would like to be in, Be there for him. It is your duty to go that extra distance for your loved one. It is said that what is easiest for you as a parent may not really be very helpful for the child.

Help pursue pleasure:Try finding out as you talk to your children what are the things they do that make them very happy. There are things that they keep thinking about all the time. The child’s brain works 24X7 when he tries to pursue something of his own choosing. This Passion should give him pleasure. It should not be a burden on the child. A forceful parent can create negativity in the child towards the activities he has been asked to do.

Passion is a very valid reason that the child may be up early in the morning and stay up late at night. Passion is doing something which your child is interested in and he knows that if he pursues it as a career he will do it without getting bored and he will also kive his life on his own terms. The learned say that “ All children are gifted… They just open up their gifts at different times.” We as parents should help them to unwrap it and allow them to live to fullest!

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10 Life Changing Tips for working parents to stay motivated

What really keeps you motivated ? As you enter into your parenting phase, there will be too many things to handle There are Personal and Professional goals that one sets. When that is not achieved in time…. People tend to feel depressed and have no motivation to do anything at all. Positivity & Happiness are much needed in life to feel motivated. Here are a few Tips which should help people to Stay motivated and improve their quality of life.

Decide on your goal

The First step is to Make small attainable  goals  or short term goals whether Personal or Professional. Self awareness is the key to your realistic goal setting. while setting up your personal goals, discuss with your spouse to have it realistic. Keep a diary and the first thing is the morning you should write a goal for the day and by the time you retire for bed you should strive to accomplish that goal.

How to go about Completing Goals.

Make checkpoints and track your progress. When a person sees that the goal for that particular day or week has been met with good results then he will feel more motivated to continue with the goal. Once the whole job is done, do not forget to reward yourself for it. Just in case you are not able to complete the goal set for a particular day then don’t be disappointed. This is a lesson learnt that you should finish your work before time  and use the spare time to complete other pending  jobs. There should be Clarity and Commitment to any goal set.

Determine your motivating force.

There should be  a sense of importance for the project that you want to do. Think of instances which motivated you earlier and then get on with the job in hand. Failures of the past make you more aware of the way you deal with situations in the future. Ralph Blum quoted “ The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.” There will be negative thoughts all along. But you should keep yourself in control and think very clearly about the impending task and get on with work. Look at the bigger picture first then the nitty gritties follow.

Get Inspiration from friends and relatives

There are times when the demotivated YOU feels like giving up thinking that the task in hand is not possible. At that time you should look around you and see where you can see positive people who are near you, have failed many a times but have  still bounced back . Talk to such people who can be an inspiration to you. They may be people younger to you. But age should not be a barrier. Try to be around Positive people and take in their never say die attitude.

Get Organised

Normally when there is a big goal ahead and you are the sole decision maker you have a confused cluttered mind. Get organized by jotting down your thoughts and then deciding on what can be done.

Backup Plans – A Necessity

There are times when things don’t work out the way we want them to. And over and above that there is no time left to complete that job. To avoid all the last minute tension, there should always be not one but atleast two more backup plans which can be executed is the first plan of action does not work. This will eliminate all further tension and there will be motivation to work.

Fight the demotivated feeling

Giving in to demotivation is for losers. There is always a solution to every problem. It is a human tendency to normally go the easy way when there is a choice. You can either quit when things get difficult and remain demotivated all your life  or face the situation and emerge a winner forever as the grit in you grows..

Avoid Negative thoughts

Lots of times before you set yourself to do a task there are butterflies in your tummy . you are nervous and hence feel you will not be able to do that task. You imagine yourself doing the task and failing miserably. Learn to brush aside these type of thoughts and be Positive. Give yourself a pep talk and see the result.

Thank the Universe

A human being is never satisfied with what he has. He is always greedy for more. Practice to have an attidude where you thank the Universe and God for whatever you have.  This will make you a very positive person. So there is no place for demotivation.

Keep your mind working

Always see that you create new challenges in your task. This will keep you interested as well as motivated to complete the job. Always remember onething, Parenting is a blessing to celeberated. Have fun ! Comment your own ways and hacks to stay Positive !!