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5 Cool ways to stop Toddler Tantrums

Temper Trantrums are very common with Toddlers. One minute they are happy and playing and the next minute you will see that they have not liked something that has happened and are howling and out of control. “Meltdowns are terrible, nasty things, but they’re a fact of childhood,” says Ray Levy, PhD, a Dallas-based clinical psychologist. Temper Tantrums start as early as when the child is a year old. Tantrums are the worst in the second year as by then the child can understand a lot more than he did earlier and knows exactly how to get his way. The reasons for these Tantrums are many. It could be hunger, boredom , wanting independence to do their chores which otherwise the caregiver does for the toddler. Maybe he is not able to communicate his needs to the parent or the care giver is not able to understand the child’s wants. There are many ways in which your toddlers tantrums can be stopped.


See to it that the Toddler is given his / her meals on time. There should not be any delay in their schedule. Chalk out a proper schedule for the day for your toddler. His meal time, bed time, play time are very important. The child easily gets upset when the schedule is not followed. They feel very secure and comforted when he is fed in time and put to bed in time too. If you are taking your toddler to the market with you see that he has a full tummy. Carry water along with you just in case he is thirsty.


There are times when your Toddler will throw temper Tantrums for no reason at all. He also knows very well that the parent will give in to his demands if he is howling away and does not listen to the parent. At this time the best thing that the Parent can do is to ignore the childs tantrums and behave as if nothing has happened as long as he is not harming anybody or himself. Soon the Toddler comes back to normal realizing that the parent is not going to listen to his tantrum and even if he continues howling , it is not making a difference to the Parent. You as a Parent can continue doing what you were doing earlier.

Give a Tight Hug:

When your Toddler is in one of his cranky moods where he has thrown a very frustrating Tantrum, Just hold him close to you. Your touch will cool him down a little for sure and he will feel secure in your hug. Assure him in a very soft voice that everything is alright and you are there for him as and when he wants you.

Listen to your Toddler:

As the child grows up he wants to become independent. Allow him to eat on his own even if you know that he is going to make a mess of the food given to him. He may smear his mouth with food or even mess up the floor. Be Patient. Listen to the child. If he says he wants to eat on his own, then allow him to. He will not only feel that he doing his work independently but also he will be more confident about doing his own work. Toddlers love undressing themselves and then they try wearing their basic clothes on their own. Be there with them when they do it. You can help them if they allow.

Divert Attention:

The moment a child throws Temper Tantrums, The Parent should be sure that he does not show his frustration . Try diverting your toddlers attention by giving him some other activity which he loves doing. The child will stop crying and screaming without realizing the change in activity as he is doing what he loves doing. Behavioral Consultant Kirk Martinsaid that “Motion Changes Emotion. We get kids doing another activity and we put out the emotional fire by remaining calm ourselves,”

So these were some of the best and cool ways to keep your Toddler away from having Temper Tantrums. Keep their Physical, Emotional and Nutritional needs in order and there you will have the best Happy Children.

By Angel S

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