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7 ways to encourage children to be better at sports!

A sport is a lot more than just a way to pass time after school and on the weekends. According to Kids Health, regular exercise not only strengthens the children’s body but also helps them sleep better and reduce the risk of obesity and other health problems later in life. It also enhances the child’s self-esteem and improves social skills. However, it has been observed that children and teens prefer to spend more than 7 hours per day on average using Television, Tablets, phones, and other electronic gadgets for entertainment.
As parents, we can encourage our children to participate more in physical activities and ensure that their experiences are positive. If you are also concerned about the lack of physical activity your child has or you believe that your child can excel in a specific sports but does not practice much, then here are some tips you can follow to get the most possible out of sports.

Pick a sport:

Choose a sport for your child according to their age, taste, and physical abilities. Don’t force a sport on your child which can result in boredom or his or her resistance to joining. It is also important to select a sport which is affordable and easily accessible so you don’t have to give it up in the future due to lack of time or money.

Buy the necessary equipment:

Ensure that your child participates in the sports successfully by purchasing him or her necessary equipment required for the game. Make sure the gear is in working condition and fit the child correctly to avoid any potential injuries.

Get your child excited:

Share stories about the sports you have played or ask friends / family members to share their expertise about the subject. You can also read books about the game and famous sports personalities to pump up your child and get him or her excited.

Practice with your child as often as possible:

Go out and practice whenever you can. Consider these as appointments and mark them on your calendar so you don’t miss them.

Support your child:

Show your support by driving your child to the sports lessons and being there for them on their games. Boost their confidence by giving them a high-five and saying “good job” which will help your child to play better.

Cheer them in their failures:

Teach your child that winning and losing is part of every game and even pro athletes have bad days. Support him or her when they don’t win a game or succeed in their sport. Allow your child to express their feelings of disappointment but counter their negative feelings by pointing out their accomplishments through the game.

Keep a balance:

Balance your child’s athletics with school and non-athletic activities. If you feel that your child is stressed or avoids practices and games and only participating in the games for your happiness – then allow them to take some time off.
Remember, all children have different tastes and physical abilities. Find the sports that your child enjoys but don’t burden them with your expectations.

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