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How to Introduce Your Pet and your New Baby

Many young couples that own a dog will undoubtedly get to the decision to have a baby, and although there are many things to consider when having a new baby in the home, one needs to consider the dog too. Introducing your pet to a newborn can be a great experience for both owner and dog, but there is a correct way to go about this. Therefore, in this article we will look in detail the steps you should take if you are wanting your dog to get along with your new family member.

First and foremost, you will not be able to introduce a dog to a newborn if he is aggressive, nippy or unpredictable, so it is crucial during the 9 months leading up to a birth as to what to do with your dog. During those months of pregnancy, make sure your dog gets some advance obedience training, and if that means hiring a professional then you need to do that, it will be worth it and you can’t put a price on the safety of a newborn. Having said that, if your dog is already socialized and doesn’t bite or nip, we can move on to the next step of actually introducing pet to baby.

Dogs have wonderful senses and can pick on on emotions both good and bad, and during pregnancy your dog will already know something has changed. During the pregnancy, if you’re setting up a nursery or baby room, you need to let your dog know that this room is off limits, at least initially, however, you can let him in as time goes on with supervision. Moreover, when mother is in the hospital with the newborn, try to take something home that will have the babies scent on it, so your dog can smell the new scent that will soon become an every day smell in the home.

Before bringing baby in the house, make sure you take your dog for a long walk to expel any extra energy and make sure you are in full control and the dog is calm before entering the house. Once you enter the home with your dog, he will notice the new smell straight away, so keep an eye on him and his reactions. The parent holding the baby should allow the dog to sniff and smell but at a distance only. Moreover, try to gauge the reactions, and over time you can allow him to get closer and closer, but never take any chances, if you are not in total control or are not 110% sure, do not allow any contact.

Finally, when you have a newborn baby in the home things change, like time schedules, sleep patterns and feeding times. Having said that, try not to interrupt your dogs schedule too much, as he needs to know he is still part of the family, even though there is a new addition. If you stop taking him for his regular walks, or avoid his playtime, he could start to get anxious or feel like the new addition is taking his place, which can lead to adverse behavior. Nevertheless, by doing the suggestions within this article, it may help to ensure that both your new baby, and your dog get on well with each other for both of their lifetime together.

Newborns & Babies Parental Advice Toddlers

How to introduce the newborn to their elder sibling ?

There will be a lot of joy and celebration in a family when the news of welcoming a new baby in the house is announced. However, bringing in a newborn for the second time is a totally different experience as your older toddler is at home and as you guessed right there will be a bag of mixed emotions when you break the news to your little one. You as parents will be equally anxious as during the first delivery there was enough time to focus on recovering from child birth. But this time round there is the job of looking after your elder kid as well as supporting him / her with his /her emotions. You will surely be wondering how to meet the needs of both your kids and how your elder one will react to the new addition to the family. The stark reality is that you were concentrating on your only child earlier . For him / her it was a mom-centric world. But hence forth he / she would have to share his world with a younger sibling who has grabbed the attention of the whole house. Consider a creative way to introduce your child to the family’s newest addition. So here are a few tips to deal with the situation.

Breaking the Big News

Before birth of the child as you can notice the bump try talking to your little one about the new addition to the family. Probably showing pictures about pregnancy can help depending on the understanding and age of the child. Make your little kid touch your bump and feel the baby moving inside. Tell him stories about what the little one will be doing inside and that he / she is waiting you meet her / his little brother / sister.

Include your Child

You should plan to take your little one for all the prenatal check up appointments with you. Your child should be allowed to hear the heartbeats of the unborn sibling and also should be shown the sonography so that excitement builds up in the little ones mind and he eagerly awaits the arrival of his younger sibling. Also you should allow him to touch your belly andask him to introduce himself to the unborn. They say that the unborn child understands everything you speak to him when he is in the womb.

Prepare your kid for your hospital stay

A few days before your admission to the hospital, you as a mother should prepare your child for your absence. You can tell him how much hisgrandparents love him and they are specially coming home to be with him and take care of him . Also you can plan activities with him so that he can doit with them. Schedule hospital visits for your elder one so that he knows where you are and he is also introduced to his little brother / sister as a BIG brother.

Make your Child feel responsible

Give the older child responsibilities and privileges for being the elder brother / sister. Tell him / her that the newborn will not do anything unless helped by his elder bro / sis. Make him feel that he is the first to make his little sibling smile. That will create a beautiful bond between them from the point of the elder one.

Albums Help

Show your kid his old Albums and tell him how cute he was as a baby and still is. Till the age of three children are very egocentric and would love praise from his mother whom he adores. You can also tell him stories about his days as a baby and how he wanted to be carried all the time and alsp prepare him that the newborn is going to do the same and he has to help mom with taking care of baby.

Let your child Express himself

Listen to what your child wants to tell you. Maybe he wants to express his excitement or his fears regarding the arrival of the new baby. Answer all his questions . He will definitely feel that he is being listened to and that you are not neglecting him.

Dad should help

It is very important that when the second baby is on its way Dad should pose as a very important figure in the elder ones life. He should emphasize that he is getting more of dad than the baby. But should also explain that both dad and elder bro will help mom to look after the little baby with diapers and all other little chores.
Further on with proper guidance from parents and grandparents Siblings can become the best of friends and confidants. The saying “ Friends come and go but Family is forever” is so true.

Food & Nutrition Newborns & Babies Pre-Schooler

Natural ways to boost your child’s immunity

Its a tough time for parents to see their kids falling ill, often its a way kids develop immunity over fighting infections. Immunity can be defined as the body’s defense against infectious organisms. Children are exposed to dirt and germs and viruses every day. However neat and clean they are, the germs in the air are everywhere and their peers with runny noses and whooping cough and also recurrent Flus as well as adults who are prone to colds, coughs transfer them easily and which they contract even more easily if their immune system is weak.

Premature Babies

Children who are born prematurely tend to have a very weak immune system. This makes them fall sick easily and they are prone to infections frequently. These children need to be breast fed to strengthen their immunity system. Experts say that the Colostrum or the thin yellow premilk that flows from the breasts during the first few days of delivery is rich in disease fighting antibodies. The child should be compulsorily breastfed at least for the first 3-4 months to avoid infection of any kind.

Include Fruits & Vegetables in your Diet

Children tend to eat a lot of sugar which is very bad for their immune system. Sugar infact suppresses immunity. Instead they should be given a lot of fruits which contains natural sugar. Vegetables like carrots, beans, and fruits like Oranges and Strawberries are said to strengthen the immune system. So it is very important to include a lot of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet.


Sleep is a very important factor in a child’s life. A newborn baby needs upto 18 hours of sleep in a day while toddlers require about 12-13 hours of Sleep. Pre-schoolers require atleast 10 hours of sleep.  The Newborn baby still gets to sleep but toddlers and especially pre-schoolers do not get that kind of essential sleep. Early sleeping habits should be cultivated at an early age.


Children are normally used to the home environment. When they go to school for the first time, even though the teachers try their best to make them feel at home they are still stressed and uncomfortable for the first few weeks until they settle down. This is the time that parents should take utmost care of their little ones. Their Schedules also should be planned in such a way that they are not over stressed. The Children of today go for umpteen number of classes be it Grammar Class or Skating Class or Reading Class. They want rest. If they are out all the time it becomes very stressful for them. This weakens the immunity system and they are susceptible to infections easily. They should have plenty of time to unwind and relax.


Exercise is a very important part of the regime for both Parents as well as children. Research tells us that a number of natural killer cells are increased in the body if we exercise regularly and thus the immune system becomes stronger. Relaxation exercises , Deep breathing , Playing running games, Football, Basket ball, Bike riding , Tennis and many other outdoor activities will help them to build a good immune system.


Now a days Doctors recommend Probiotic supplements. Probiotics are the friendly bacteria which naturally occur in our guts. They are said to protect our digestive tracts and digest our food and also help in removing toxins from the body. Probiotic Supplements contain Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. SO if these are given to children by the doctors prescription, it will help protect immunity levels.


Children are always n their feet and feel hungry after a rigorous regime. Take advantage of this and give them healthy foods. There are many options available. Some of them are:

  • Yoghurt – Yoghurt is said to lower risk of throat infections, ear infections & cold by nearly 19 %.
  • Walnuts – They contain Omega -3 which helps cut a number of respiratory infections.
  • Fruits and Vegetables – Citrus fruits and strawberries, Sweet Potato, Brocolli and Bell peppers helps avoid colds and flu. Go more for whole food rather than juices. An Orange is much better than an orange juice. An Orange juice contains Vitamin C . But a whole Orange contains more than that.
  • Lean Meat – Lean Meat contains Zinc which help white blood cells to fight off infections. They also contain protein which is very important to maintain your strength.

SO be sure that you adhere to rules and regulations which you will definitely set after reading this.