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Imaginative plays you can try with your pre-schooler

Today’s Children are exposed to the new technologies like I-pads,Tabs, Laptops, Mobile Phones etc. They are far more knowledgeable at ages like 2 and 3 years too. Hence, theyare always in fantasyland. It is like imagination is their birthright. They are very spontaneous and energetic. When they are in the Imagination mode, their creative juices flow out without any hesitation. Developments in all areas are fostered due to a child’s imagination. Imagination is normally when children do role play from their experiences of the environment and people around them. The first six years in a child’s life is a very crucial period. Imaginative play can stimulate the child’s brain and this will make him think and learn more and and his cognitive skills will develop further. You can help him by trying imaginative play with him. There are many ways of Imaginative Play.

Story Telling Game:

Your Preschooler will be very excited when you tell him to play a story telling game. You start a with the story like for example”. Once upon a time there was a boy by the name of John. He was very naughty. He troubled his mother.” Now you ask him to say the next three lines of the story through imagination. Then you continue for the next three lines and let this go on till you complete the story.

Role Play:

Role Play is something which a child will love doing as normally children love imitating. It then does not matter if they imitate their parents , teachers, animals or community helpers they meet or see on a daily basis. Probably you can play a Bus driver and your preschooler can play the conductor. This will give him insight into the life of both the community helpers and increase his cognitive skills.

Drawing & Colouring:

Give your preschooler blank sheets of paper and stationery for drawing and colouring and ask him to draw what he likes. You will be surprised at seeing his imagination soar. Probably you as an adult will not imagine the way he has.


Music is said to be good for both adults and children. Help him imagine he is a music director and tell him to convert the tune of his rhymes to something he wants. It will be great fun for him to imagine and do that. This will also encourage his self confidence.

Become an Architect:

Give your Preschooler lots of blocks and cardboard boxes for open ended play. He can imagine being an Architect and design a building with his own imagination . This will help him learn to find out problems and solve them himself through the trial and error method.

Sand Play:

Take your Preschooler to a beach near you or if you do not have a beach help him with a sand Pit and water. Provide him with a Spade, Shovel and a Bucket. Let him build sand castles or anything else through imagination which runs wild. Children love playing with sand and water.

Outdoor Play:

Outdoor Play is a must for children. They are very happy when asked to play outside. There are many games which they can play which requires their imagination. They also meet peers and can build their social & emotional skills. They can imagine they are in a jungle and jump over fallen trees or climb trees. This is good for their physical and motor skills as well.

Preschoolers love imaginative play and always wait for opportunities to play with their parents and friends. It is very surprising to see your little ones in their imaginative mode. They come up with ideas which may never have struck you as an adult. Encouraging children for imaginative play will help develop their physical, motor, language, cognitive, social, emotional and creative skills

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