Parental Advice

How Grandparents can play a great role in Kids development

The role of Grandparents in the life of kids is very vital. They are the sources of love, care and values for the kids when both the parents are busy at work. The development of kids is also the responsibility of grandparents as much as parents if the older generation is staying together with the younger ones. Holding a grandchild for the first time is more nostalgic than when you held your own kid for the first time. It is an unbelievable experience.

Fostering development

Grandparents foster cognitive and language development by talking to children, Telling them stories, giving them information about a lot of things which are normally new for these kids of the new generation. Grandparents take their grandchildren to the garden everyday where their physical , Motor skill, Social and Emotional development takes place.

Growing Bond

Creating a very close bond with your grandchildren is very important so that there is a continuity in their lives in terms of their parents having less time to be with them. As Grandparents you develop a very close bond with the kids by interacting with them on topics which probably they cannot share or ask their parents.

Family Tradition

Teaching your grand Children about the old values and traditions is a very rewarding time as this is what most nuclear families do not have the time to do as both parents are very busy with their respective careers.Positive attitudes of kids towards traditions is what is a reward to the grand parents. You are inculcating good values and the knowledge of the rich heritage of the family or the country is given to the grandchildren. This enhances lifelong learning in the children. Draw a family tree and show your grandchildren who their ancestors were. They will love to have this information and will be ever gratefuk to you for having shared this knowledge with them.

Involvement in interests

Grand kids are always interested in knowing what their grand parents are interested in doing. What they did in their childhood. Telling the children that there was no technology so long ago is almost unbelievable to them. When you tell them that there was a lot of outdoor play , reading, talking to friends, indoor games like carom, board games and having role plays is almost magic for them . They are so used to the Tabs, I-pads, etc that they do not know that there is a world beyond that. So they should be encouraged to do and involve themselves in other activites.

One on One Time

Giving children one on one time is something they will cherish all their life. This gives both the opportunity to bond over a lot of things. Going for concerts, plays, movies, Parks, Zoo etc alone with your grand children will give them that special feeling that you are spending your time with them. Exchanging ideas , doing projects together other than school work also boosts their morale.

Grandparents are an indispensable part of the life of children. They bridge the gap between parents and children. The love and affection showered on the grandchildren is what they crave for in todays busy life style. So kudos to the grandparents who are able to spend time with their grand children and are also able to pass on the redundant moral values and traditions.