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Why home gardening is good for your kids ?

Children love to dirty their hands. Gardening at home can be a fun way to teach children a lot of things. Gardening helps children to be connected with nature and build up their cognitive skills. It can help children to be involved in designing the home garden, think of which vegetables or herbs they  want to grow, maintain the garden, learn how to harvest and also later talk to their peers as to how they  help their parents with the home gardening .

If there are siblings in the house and the parents give them the opportunity to grow their own home garden and explain to them that this is a team effort and everything planned and executed should be discussed with each other before proceeding, they will definitely abide by the rules. The children will learn to work as a team and this will help them further in their lives as adolescents and adults.

You as a parent should involve the Children to first plan where to have the garden. Then help them with soil preparation, seed sourcing and planting. As the children are going to be looking after the garden see that the garden is in such a place that you can supervise it. Buy the children small sized rakes, spades and gloves. Tell them that they are totally responsible for the growth of the vegetables in the garden. Gardening teaches the children responsibility, teamwork and respect for nature. Home gardening can also foster social development. Trying to do gardening teaches children to take risks. Children show more concern for each other and working in a team is easier for them.

The kids should take turns in putting compost to the plants and watering the plants everyday.  So this gives each of them the responsibility of watering the plants. Every other day fertilizer should be put in. Soon the plants start growing. The kids are working in a team so they are very proud of their team effort.  The children also develop their cognitive skills. They learn about the different vegetables that they can grow in their home garden and their benefits. They can discuss with their other friends and can encourage them to grow home gardens just like they did. The garden will teach the young children gardening skills, composting, water conservation, sharing, and teamwork and most important pride in ownership.

Children learn to grow, and eat fresh & delicious and nutritious vegetables. They get hands on experience in working together .  Great educators say that Senses are the Gateway of knowledge. Kitchen garden kids learn through sensory experiences. These kids have a good self esteem and also they have the qualities of empathy and Altruism. This promotes and encourages team work. These children also experience a sense of  well being and a positive self image. They have a sense of pride in their garden. When they see the fruits of their labour they are thrilled and they have a feeling of accomplishment and empowerment.

Children should be involved in home gardening so that they develop good qualities like team work, self confidence, high self esteem and above all its healthy !