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Encouraging your 5 year old to do a creative play as Chef !

It is rare that our children do not like to work right alongside us no matter what we are doing.  This is never truer than in the upper preschool age range when our children become more adept at modeling our behaviors.  It is a natural progression of this modeling that leads them to want to do and create just like we do.  If they have a parent who is handy with woodworking, you will see them often trying to create out of wood, if they have a parent who is a medical professional, you may see them playing doctor.  However, almost all parents spend time in the kitchen which naturally leads to young chefs in training.  What is the best part about their curiosity in the kitchen? It leads to creativity and when encouraged can lead to a growing sense of accomplishment.

Encouraging your preschooler in the kitchen doesn’t have to be a big ordeal and requires little more than a stepstool so those little eyes can see what is going on.  It can require the parent to have patience but there is little about parenting that doesn’t require this asset.  Think first about the tasks you are doing and then decide what can be delegated to little hands.  Young children learn by doing, kitchen tasks are no different. You may start simply by just allowing them to dump pre-measured ingredients into a bowl as you are making cookies, or you may be braver and allow them to crack the eggs, whatever you feel comfortable doing, encourage them to assist you.  This does sometimes make the task take a bit longer, but the education that they are getting simply by watching you and being a part of what you are doing is priceless.

Once you have moved past the initial stages of kitchen help and your little one has a desire to create things on their own you can actually make it a game.  Teach your child to be able to discern measuring cups from teaspoons and tablespoons, liquid measure from dry.  If this is too mundane for them then move straight to the good stuff.  Begin by setting out 3 ingredients that you know may mesh well together and then talk your young one through what they can do with those ingredients.  For example, you might set out some vanilla, peanut butter, and powdered sugar.  Talk to your little one about how good vanilla smells but how it doesn’t taste good by itself, it needs to be added to other things.  Suggest that your chef put a tablespoon of peanut butter in a bowl followed by a teaspoon or two of powdered sugar and then mix the ingredients together.  What does it taste like?  What if you add a drop or two of vanilla?  What does it taste like now?  Unbeknownst to your little one they are learning the basics of fudge and candy making.  It is simple tasks like this that can encourage our young children to explore and become a bit fearless in the kitchen.

Another option is to open your spice cabinet to your protégé.  Start by having them look at a spice jar and tell you what they think it will smell and taste like, then have a try and allow them to taste a bit of dried basil, a few granules of sea salt, then discuss what kinds of food that they like have these ingredients in them.  This concept can actually be broadened so much as each of the individual components of our food taste so distinct but when meshed together into a recipe they become something new, a concept that we can apply in so many areas of life.

Our children are like sponges and taking the time to teach them and allow them to create allows the information that they have absorbed to come out in the action of creativity.  This is a process of learning that is so invaluable that it is a detriment that every subject can’t be taught in this exact same manner.  Give your child simple tasks and they develop a sense of accomplishment, give them license to be creative and they develop more imagination, give them a purpose and you may well see a budding chef flourish before you very eyes.  Enjoy this time with your little one, before you know it you will have taught them the skills they need to prepare a family dinner and you just may have worked your way from head chef to Sous chef.

Here’s an Interesting Recipe your 5 – 10 year old can make as a play


Kids love deserts and what better than your 5 year old making a Triffle for you.


  • Readymade sponge cake: 1 no
  • Vanilla custard
    1 ½ cups Milk
    3 Tbsp Custard Powder
    4 tbsp sugar (depends on sweetness you want
  • Jelly Rasberry or Strawberry 1 packet
  • Vanilla Ice cream 1 family pack
  • Mixed fruits (atleast 4 – 5 types)
    (like – Apples, Bananas, Grapes, Pomegranate, Mango, Chickoo, Pear, Strawberries, Kiwi)
  • Whipped cream


An adult should make the custard by boiling 1 ½ cups of milk. Add 4 Tbspsugar . Stir Well. Then add the custard powder in a little milk. Stir well. See that there are no lumps in the milk. Pour this mixture in the boiling milk. Keep the gas on simmer and keep stirring till the custard becomes a little thick or batter consistency. Keep it to cool.

  1. Cut different fruits of your childs choice. He will feel very important because next he is going to be in charge of the dish.
  2. Jelly can be made as instructed on the packet and kept to set.
  3. Meanwhile in another bowl take half cup chilled cream. Add ¼ tsp vanilla essence and beat with an electric beater till there are soft peaks of cream. Keep in the refrigerator to chill.
  4. Now your little one will first crumble the sponge cake.
  5. Then it should be arranged in a big glass bowl.
  6. Now spread a layer of vanilla ice cream on it. Alternatively you can also use mango pulp or fruit juice. Just see that the cake does not become too soggy.jellyadd
  7. Then spread a layer of fruits . After that pour custard on the fruits. Then add a layer of jelly.
  8. Then add a layer of the cream which was whipped and refrigerated.

fruittriffle9. Again repeat the whole process of cake, vanilla ice- cream, fruits, custard, jelly and cream. Decorate with glazed cherries or fruits. Keep in the fridge.

featuredimageYou can see the joy of accomplishment on the face of your 5 year old which will be the best thing that can happen in this world.

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Top10 After school activities for your kids

Extra Curricular Activities for children in todays world is like breathing. It has become a part and parcel of a childs life due to close competition . It provides opportunities to our kids to express themselves in areas of their interest & talents. Parents today are aware of the need of overall development of a child. Physical and Motorskill development are related and so activities like sports, hobby classes like clay modelling are opted for. Then for Cognitive and language development activities like phonics classes, grammar classes, Reading classes, elocution classes etc are looked at. Enrolling for after school activities has become the new trend today with playgrounds for children disappearing slowly and with the advent of new technology like Ipads and Tabs children do not want to play outdoor games but are stuck to the laptop in their free time. Here are 10 Top Extra curricular activities that Parents opt for today for their kids.


Swimming earlier too was a very popular sport just as it is today. It is an excellent activity for your kids as children love water.. And what better than splashing water all around . Swimming is a good exercise as well as a lot of fun.Especially if you enroll your kid with his friends. They will refuse to come out of the water. Doctors recommend atleast two hours of good exercise for children which will also help them keep their heart healthy.

2.Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Playing Musical Instruments is an activity your children will never regret doing. Normally Musical instruments are said to take away stress. If your child is interested in music then there is no other activity better than music. Listening to music as well as playing a musical instrument stimulates the brain and increases your child’s memory. Playing an instrument will also teach your kid Perseverence.

3.Learn Martial Arts

Martial Arts has three benefits. One is keeping your little one absolutely fit. Second is learning to protect himself and Third is the kids will learn discipline, balance and co-ordination. It helps the children achieve focus and fitness. It improves emotional health and self esteem as well as decreases tension, anxiety and depression. Children who have a very low attention span should join these classes and see the difference.

4.Learn a New Language

Children especially in the age group of 3 to 8 should be taught more than one new language. Besides English they definitely know their mother tongue , their state language and their national language. He will absorb new languages and will enhancehis language skills. If he enrolls for a language class like German, French, Spanish and todays craze that is Mandarin with his friends and he has a knack for languages then this will surely help him to choose his career as a linguist later on in life. The gift of learning a new language lasts a lifetime. It is a sure investment made by the parents to teach their kids new languages. It enhances a child’s verbal development.

5.Art of Cooking

Todays best cooks are males. Children find thrill in cooking and feeding their loved ones. They have hands on cooking experience and have a lot of fun. They will learn to value food as these classes will teach them about different foods and their health benefits. It will also develop their love for cooking. Their fine motorskills will develop further. They will learn about safety measures to be taken in the kitchen. They will increase their knowledge about different fruits and vegetables

6.Enroll for Drama Classes

Drama is an inborn talent in children. If the child is shy, then Drama classes will bring
him out of his shell. They also will develop their social and emotional skills in the bargain. They will be more emphatetic towards their peers and adults. Your kids will have an opportunity to attend theatre workshops . They will learn different acting techniques. Backstage work is also normally taught. So they can implement all that they have learnt in drama class when they have their annual days in school

7.A Team Game

There are so many team games such as Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Baseball, Football. These team games help children to enhance their individual skills and team spirit.Children develop social and emotional skills when they all play as a team. Longterm strategic relations are built. There are different people with different behaviors in the team. Children who play in teams learn to work in groups.

8.Art & Craft Classes

Art & Craft classes as an extracurricular activity will let a child bring out his creative streak without any pressure. Normally children love art and colouring and drawing. They get to learn new things and also learn to appreciate art. Children become very innovative in their ideas when they join these classes and it helps them in their school project work too.

9.Dance Classes

Dance classes are not only meant for children who do not know how to dance. It is also meant for kids who love dancing. They learn Rhythm and co-ordination of movement through dance. It is an outlet to emotions as well as to stay active. Reduced obesity is a great advantage to children who learn dance. They become more active.

10.Skating classes

Skating classes are not meant for very small kids. They learn balance and are confident of moving on wheels. Just gliding around takes a lot of courage and confidence. When on the rink children make new friends and hence develop their social skills. Skating is a thorough workout.

We should encourage our children to join extracurricular activities after school so that they have an overall development and are proficient in a lot of skills . They will learn to manage time and relieve stress . Children today are burdened with their studies and need these extra curricular activities to keep them going.Being involved in these activities is also a great way of socializing with Peers and seniors.

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Should twins be in the same class ?

To be Parents of twins would be super excited to know that they are expecting Twins. But looking after twins is not an easy job. Both parents should share equal responsibilities of the kids after they are born. If you are a first time parent make it a point to join a club of parents who have twins. It becomes easier that way. When the children grow up to be preschoolers they enjoy each others company. They do not need other friends. But advice from Twin coaches is to keep them apart in school. They need time apart inspite of being very close to each other to grow and develop their personalities. Here are some parenting tips for the education and schooling of their Twins. There are two main views discussed. One is that the twins should be separated in school. and the other that they should not be separated in school

Avoid Dominance

Dominance of one twin over the other cannot be avoided if they are together. Just in case one twin is more dominating in nature, there is a chance the other twin will be subdued and that could be problem for him / her for life. He/ She will always be in a shell and will never open out. If one of the twin is an Introvert and the other an extrovert then the introvert blends in with the friends of the extrovert twin automatically. In this case the Introvert twin does not have to work on the skill of opening up. He / she is already a part of a ready group. Separating them could result in the introvert twin opening up faster.

No Comparisonshoud be done

There is a tendency of twins getting compared to each other when they are in the same class in school. This prevents the weaker one from becoming strong. He will always be under the shadow of the stronger or more intelligent of the twins. There are times when maybe one twin is excellent in reading or maths while the other is not. This will make the stronger one feel guilty as most teachers will say it in front of the kids.

Separation keeps them close

Normally people think that keeping twins away from each other will drift them apart. Separation from each other keeps the twins yearning for each other as otherwise at home they are together doing all chores in each others company. School is a new place for them and they are out of their comfort zone. So when they meet they have a lot to talk and discuss about and they get a lot of information from each other. So hence the myth that when your twins are given their me time separately they drift from one another is a complete misnormer. Infact they get closer to each other. The time they get away from each other encourages them to understand themselves as individuals and become more confident.

Disadvantage of not being together

There are Pros and cons to everything. In this case the disadvantage is that if the kids are in two different classes it becomes a hectic schedule for the mother of the twins. She has to attend to volunteering if needed in two different classes, Help in making projects for both the kids. Maybe the topic of the project is different. The two classrooms can have sets of different rules and regulations which the mother has to adhere to. Then dropping both the kids to their different classes and then being there on time to pick them up is also a difficult chore. When you have to cater to their tiffin menus set by the two teachers of the two different classes, it becomes very difficult for the mother to do this.

Get Organised

You can turn the disadvantage to your favour by getting a little organized. Put down all details of each week on your computer . Or make a note on whiteboards , A different colour for each twin noting down their activities, events and menu for the week is not a bad idea. You as a mother will definitely put things together better if you organize yourself.

Being at two Places

Being at two places at the same time is humanly impossible. So if you have to attend an event in both classes , you can always request the teacher if the other twin can attend this class and the next time this twin can attend the event in the other twin’s class.

Talk to other parents of twins

Talking to other parents of twins who have already gone through this rigmarole will be very helpful to the first time parents of twins. They are already experienced so they can guide you to better solutions.

There are different views to the topic of the education and schooling of twins. It is debatable. There are some opinions which say that they should be together and some opinions say that they should be separated. But majority say that the twins should be separated if you want them to be confident individuals in their adulthood. There should not be any dependency on each other even though they are there for each other whenever needed. As a parent of twins, what would you do ? Comment your thoughts on your choice.