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How to Introduce Your Pet and your New Baby

Many young couples that own a dog will undoubtedly get to the decision to have a baby, and although there are many things to consider when having a new baby in the home, one needs to consider the dog too. Introducing your pet to a newborn can be a great experience for both owner and dog, but there is a correct way to go about this. Therefore, in this article we will look in detail the steps you should take if you are wanting your dog to get along with your new family member.

First and foremost, you will not be able to introduce a dog to a newborn if he is aggressive, nippy or unpredictable, so it is crucial during the 9 months leading up to a birth as to what to do with your dog. During those months of pregnancy, make sure your dog gets some advance obedience training, and if that means hiring a professional then you need to do that, it will be worth it and you can’t put a price on the safety of a newborn. Having said that, if your dog is already socialized and doesn’t bite or nip, we can move on to the next step of actually introducing pet to baby.

Dogs have wonderful senses and can pick on on emotions both good and bad, and during pregnancy your dog will already know something has changed. During the pregnancy, if you’re setting up a nursery or baby room, you need to let your dog know that this room is off limits, at least initially, however, you can let him in as time goes on with supervision. Moreover, when mother is in the hospital with the newborn, try to take something home that will have the babies scent on it, so your dog can smell the new scent that will soon become an every day smell in the home.

Before bringing baby in the house, make sure you take your dog for a long walk to expel any extra energy and make sure you are in full control and the dog is calm before entering the house. Once you enter the home with your dog, he will notice the new smell straight away, so keep an eye on him and his reactions. The parent holding the baby should allow the dog to sniff and smell but at a distance only. Moreover, try to gauge the reactions, and over time you can allow him to get closer and closer, but never take any chances, if you are not in total control or are not 110% sure, do not allow any contact.

Finally, when you have a newborn baby in the home things change, like time schedules, sleep patterns and feeding times. Having said that, try not to interrupt your dogs schedule too much, as he needs to know he is still part of the family, even though there is a new addition. If you stop taking him for his regular walks, or avoid his playtime, he could start to get anxious or feel like the new addition is taking his place, which can lead to adverse behavior. Nevertheless, by doing the suggestions within this article, it may help to ensure that both your new baby, and your dog get on well with each other for both of their lifetime together.

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5 tips to keep your kids safe online

Our children love smart phones, tablets, laptops and even desktops. We are a society that loves television, live streaming, gaming, social media and even just shopping online. In the times we are in we will not be able to banish media and the digital age, but counteracting some of the disadvantages of spaced out gaming, digital surfing, and even online learning are a must for parents today.

1. Set Boundaries

First and foremost if you want less digitally obsessed children, you have to set boundaries. You are the parent after all. Boundaries can be something as simple as insisting that there are no digital devices at the meal table, during family time or at bedtime. These are all healthy restrictions that promote family time at the forefront and start to drive media to a secondary spot. Designate a spot in your home to place smart phones, tablets and other devices during restricted hours.

2. Let Them Know There Are Requirements

Set up a contract with your children. If you are paying for the Wi-Fi or have purchased the device, let them know who is in charge. If the device was a gift or your child purchased it themselves, let them know that the use of said device and media time is a privilege and not a right. Setting these boundaries up front with your own expectations for their use is a very wise idea.

3. Keep Them Safe, Be Nosy

Yes your children should have some privacy; however, you should have passwords. In the times we live in it is imperative that we keep our children safe. Simply allowing them free rain access to the web and social media without any restrictions is not exercising responsibility. Make a list of the passwords somewhere and randomly check to make sure that they have not been changed. Even if you never utilize this tool, it is in your parental toolbox and may keep your children from making some mistakes as they know you can access anything.

4. Become Their “Friend” and “Follow” them

If your child is on Face book, Twitter, Instagram and the like, set up your own account and be sure to “Friend” and “Follow” your children. If they will not allow you to do this, they should not be allowed to use the platform.

5. Require movement

Begin with setting times, for instance, if you allow your child 1 hour of digital media; require a 20-30 minute break of physical activity before allowing them to binge on more media. During the break have the physical be something fun, a quick dance off, a round of jumping outdoors on a trampoline or brisk walking/racing up and down the driveway. If a smart phone is the medium of choice, require physical activity while texting, scrolling, or whatever your child does most. Your child just might surprise you with their ability to walk while texting or scrolling.

The amount of responsibility mounded on parents today to protect, engage, and involve our children in the non-digital world is infinitely more challenging than in past generations. However, if we do not get involved we will regret the digitally obsessed, anti social and out of shape offspring that we have allowed our children to become. The Digital revolution has its merits and demerits when it comes parenting, it has become parents responsibility in clearing the noise for our own kids to embrace the positive side of it.

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How to introduce the newborn to their elder sibling ?

There will be a lot of joy and celebration in a family when the news of welcoming a new baby in the house is announced. However, bringing in a newborn for the second time is a totally different experience as your older toddler is at home and as you guessed right there will be a bag of mixed emotions when you break the news to your little one. You as parents will be equally anxious as during the first delivery there was enough time to focus on recovering from child birth. But this time round there is the job of looking after your elder kid as well as supporting him / her with his /her emotions. You will surely be wondering how to meet the needs of both your kids and how your elder one will react to the new addition to the family. The stark reality is that you were concentrating on your only child earlier . For him / her it was a mom-centric world. But hence forth he / she would have to share his world with a younger sibling who has grabbed the attention of the whole house. Consider a creative way to introduce your child to the family’s newest addition. So here are a few tips to deal with the situation.

Breaking the Big News

Before birth of the child as you can notice the bump try talking to your little one about the new addition to the family. Probably showing pictures about pregnancy can help depending on the understanding and age of the child. Make your little kid touch your bump and feel the baby moving inside. Tell him stories about what the little one will be doing inside and that he / she is waiting you meet her / his little brother / sister.

Include your Child

You should plan to take your little one for all the prenatal check up appointments with you. Your child should be allowed to hear the heartbeats of the unborn sibling and also should be shown the sonography so that excitement builds up in the little ones mind and he eagerly awaits the arrival of his younger sibling. Also you should allow him to touch your belly andask him to introduce himself to the unborn. They say that the unborn child understands everything you speak to him when he is in the womb.

Prepare your kid for your hospital stay

A few days before your admission to the hospital, you as a mother should prepare your child for your absence. You can tell him how much hisgrandparents love him and they are specially coming home to be with him and take care of him . Also you can plan activities with him so that he can doit with them. Schedule hospital visits for your elder one so that he knows where you are and he is also introduced to his little brother / sister as a BIG brother.

Make your Child feel responsible

Give the older child responsibilities and privileges for being the elder brother / sister. Tell him / her that the newborn will not do anything unless helped by his elder bro / sis. Make him feel that he is the first to make his little sibling smile. That will create a beautiful bond between them from the point of the elder one.

Albums Help

Show your kid his old Albums and tell him how cute he was as a baby and still is. Till the age of three children are very egocentric and would love praise from his mother whom he adores. You can also tell him stories about his days as a baby and how he wanted to be carried all the time and alsp prepare him that the newborn is going to do the same and he has to help mom with taking care of baby.

Let your child Express himself

Listen to what your child wants to tell you. Maybe he wants to express his excitement or his fears regarding the arrival of the new baby. Answer all his questions . He will definitely feel that he is being listened to and that you are not neglecting him.

Dad should help

It is very important that when the second baby is on its way Dad should pose as a very important figure in the elder ones life. He should emphasize that he is getting more of dad than the baby. But should also explain that both dad and elder bro will help mom to look after the little baby with diapers and all other little chores.
Further on with proper guidance from parents and grandparents Siblings can become the best of friends and confidants. The saying “ Friends come and go but Family is forever” is so true.

Early Teens Learning & Creativity Toddlers

Tips to nurture and grow your childs creativity

Creativity is a word which is highly misunderstood. Creativity is normally thought of in respect to Art or Music or even poetry. But that is not the actual meaning of creativity. It is the ability to make something new. Creativity is Thinking of new things you have never ventured into.  Every person is creative. It is just that there are different fields like science, Art, Space, Painting, Cooking or playing a musical instrument.

What is Childhood? Childhood is a journey from infancy to Toddlerhood to Preschool to Middle       Childhood to Adolecence. Childhood is a time of supposed rapid change. Parents play a vital role in nurturing the creativity of their children. Creativity in a child helps them to fulfill their day to day tasks in the most unstressed way. Parents should be able to identify that special twinkle in the eye of the child when he is doing something interesting and also discover the elements of creativity in the child and nurture them in the right way. Every Child is different . So it is the inherent responsibility of the parents and then the teacher to identify and bring out the special talent of the child so that as adults they become imaginative and creative . A creative thought is the result of the mindset acquired at the very childhood. There are many things that you, as a parent, can do to nurture your child’s creativity.

Instill Confidence

Confidence in children should be instilled in them from their infancy stage.  Unconditional love should be given to them. They should not be scolded at for undeliberate mistakes done. If scolded they will lose confidence in themselves and may not try to do anything new. Try to strenghthen their curiosity and willingness to explore and take creative risks.

Encourage Curiosity

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” It is the door to many possibilities. Cognitive and Social development fosters Imagination. needfor their future. Social development in a child supports the ability to express Cognitive Development which refers to the thinking abilities of the child. Thinking Out of the Box is the beginning of creativity in the child. Children express themselves verbally and non-verbally. Imagination and creativity are  skills which children should develop to regulate feelings and develop relations with others which boosts their confidence .

Encourage curiosity and exploration in a child. Try to make him find out answers to his own questions. Brainstorming should also be encouraged with kids who are very inquisitive & curious. Stimulate imaginative, independent thought by posing questions. Encourage Humour. Humor helps kids take joy in their creative intelligence. Laugh together often. Play imaginative word games.

Channelize Energy

Children are always very energetic. They should always be engaged in some or the other activity. The best way to deal with this is to channelize their energy in the right path.. Introduction to creative toys or puzzles will give them a way to use up their energy  . They can be taken out to parks to play where their social skills as well as cognitive skills are enhanced.

Spend Quality time

One of the most important aspects of nurturing is when you spare time to be with your child and spend quality time with them. Telling your child bedtime stories will enhance their thinking skills as well as their language skills. This is also a way to make them think creatively.

The children should be taught to be positive. To share their toys & books with their friends and  to care for their loved ones should be taught to the children from the very beginning. A conducive environment should be created for the child to be well nurtured.

Gift Creative Stuffs

Creative toys should be given to children as gifts so that they start thinking . Building Blocks is one such game.  They improve the fine motor skills of the child. They also enhance hand and eye co-ordination. This also helps them to build their cognitive skills. They learn to differenciate between shapes, colours, sizes, etc

Try Preschooling

They say that children learn and are able to absorb till the age of 5. So it is very important that the child is sent to a prechool where the teacher takes over from the parent and teaches the child and develops his Cognitive, language, Physical , Motor, Social  and Emotional skills.

These are some of the ways a child’s creativity  can be nurtured . There is no one “right way” to nurture your child. Comment your thoughts