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Why Parents should spend quality time talking to toddlers and how?

Who better than Parents can understand what they mean to their children or vice versa however grown up they are!! There is just one single truth which applies to Parents and that is that they should spend quality time with their children especially Toddlers. This age group needs all the attention you can give them as Parents. They Observe and understand. They need visual understanding as they are yet to learn to speak. But they understand everything you tell them. They are like wet sponges, able to absorb everything you tell them. Remember that Parents are the sole role models of their children. Children imitate by observing. SO by spending time with your children you will help them learn a lot. A Lecturer of Psychology at St Francis College for Women, Hyderabad, Neha Taparia said “ communication, “There are several ways you can create quality time for your toddlers and also later realize that making time is always in your own hands.

Stay away from your Gadgets

In today’s world People have become very addicted to their gadgets like their Mobile, Tab, Laptop etc. Keep them aside when you are with your Toddler. Give him undivided attention. This benefits the child and you.

Dinner Time

Having Dinner together is a very good ritual. Make your Toddler sit with you at Dinner Time. He could sit on the Parents lap or on a High Chair specially assigned for him. He also feels very important. Everybody should talk to him so that he learns how to talk and his social development progresses.

Bed Time

Bed Time Stories is an all time favorite with children. It creates a strong Bond between Parents and children as here you give them absolute undivided attention. You should tell them stories that you know very well and see the expression on your toddlers face as you tell them the story. It is pure excitement and they want to hear more from you. You also enhance their Cognitive or thinking skills and help their brain develop further.

Show your Love

All Children need a lot of Tender Love & Care irrespective of their age. Give them all the alone time that they need from you. Moments that you spend alone with your child giving them all your affection is well cherished and remembered by them. It is really wonderful when both parents together spend time with their Toddler on a one-on-one basis.

Eye Contact

When you talk to your Toddler, maintain eye contact with them. Initially maybe they are distracted but soon you will realize that he has your full attention and he is responding to your talk. This also teaches the child to look into somebody’s eyes when he talks to get undivided attention from that person. This is the best way of communication according to Experts. This will also help them develop their social skills as they grow up.


A Smile from the Parent lights up the Toddlers face. He knows that the Parent is very happy talking to him and this puts him at ease. There is no better way of showing your warmth and love for your little baby. He will also grow up to be a very happy child.

Uninterrupted talk

When you are with your Toddler, and he is trying to say something, you should encourage him to do so. DO not interrupt him. Learn to be a good listener. Maybe you may not understand his babble. Never the less, listen attentively giving him the satisfaction that you are listening to him. You can see sheer joy on his face and even you as a parent will experience pure ecstasy seeing your child talk to you.

As Parents, We should spend a lot of time with kids. They grow up very fast. Before you know it they are adolescents and soon they will not have time for you. By Spending quality time with your child even if it is 15 minutes a day will help them to become good adults and your love and affection for them will be their foundation of happiness which will last them a life time.