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Non Electronic Activities to try when your kids feel bored

Kids today live in a digital world where a lot of things are done electronically. Entertainment, games, reading, and schooling are often done electronically. Sometimes these technological activities hinder creativity and physical activity that kids need to be exposed to. Research shows that our kids have too much “screen time” and that they need more physical activity to keep them from having sedentary lives which can lead to major health problems.

What can a parent do to encourage her children to find some old-fashioned fun, creative, and physical activities away from electronics? These ideas will get your kids off the couches and and begging for more.

First, Set Up Some Rules

You first need to sit down with your kids and set up some rules. Rules can be electronic-free time zones where no one can be on any electronics, including yourself. The rules should also include chores or homework that should be completed before electronics are allowed. Once the kids have done their chores and homework, they will need to spend some time in the electronic-free time zone and can try some of the following activities.

Science activities

There are some really great science activities that are safe and easy for kids to do. Kids love the hands-on activities. Science activities are tons of fun! Easy activities like Magic Milk, Homemade Propeller Car, and Steve Spangler Elephant Toothpaste will surely be big hits, plus they are inexpensive and easy to do with things you can find around the house. Head to the library and find other easy and fun science “experiement” books for kids.

Games Outdoors

Many kids today spend time outdoors doing organized sports, but what about good old-fashioned neighborhood games. Games like kickball, tag, jump rope, hopscotch, Frisbee, hide-and-go-seek, and other games you might have played when you were their age. If they don’t know how to play any of the games, teach them. Play with them at least until they get the hang of it.

Games and Activities Indoors

Indoor games can be just as simple as any board game or card game. You can purchase a deck of cards at the dollar store and teach your kids how to play games like War, Slap Jack, Go Fish, Old Maid and more. If you don’t have the money or the board games, you can always help kids make their own games. Hide-and-go-seek is another great indoor game. Have kids make tents or forts to play in with blankets or sheets.

Easy Crafts

Go online and search “easy crafts for kids.” You’ll find tons of fun ideas for kids to make. Some of my favorites are Buggles, Toothpick Painting, and Star Wars Crafts.You could even make a craft box with craft supplies like glue, glitter, tongue depressors, stickers, and other crafty materials from around your house that your kids could make crafts with whenever they get the craft box out.

To help your kids find fun ideas of ways to stay off the electronics in this digital world, think back to your childhood or your parents childhood and do things that were done then. They might be a little old-fashioned, but your kids will love them and will beg for more.

Add any ideas you might have.